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The IronART Recycled Exhibition

The Greatest Icons in Film History

You can now marvel at the most famous and exciting iconic figures in film history up close!

Be amazed, wonder, and have fun as you behold the unique world of film icons created from thousands of recycled metal components. This is something that cannot be described; you truly have to see it!

The heroes and villains of the film world are constantly changing, ranging from flesh-and-blood humans to robots, machines to aliens, objects, and animals. Yet, these favorites etch themselves forever into the minds, souls, and hearts of viewers. They provide unforgettable experiences, excitement, and entertainment for billions of people around the world.

Timeless ICONS! An Astonishing Effect! Created with a revolutionary and unique technique, using thousands of recycled "metal scraps," these meticulously designed and brilliantly creative ICONS provide astonishingly lifelike effects, offering unforgettable experiences and exciting entertainment for all ages!

Embark on an unforgettable adventure, a memorable journey into the special world of films and their icons!

The facts



Zoltán Rónaszéki was born in 1994 in Hungary, in a small village in Veszprém County. He grew up in a tiny village nestled amidst the wild, windswept forests and hills of the Bakony Mountains. From a very young age, he carried an unstoppable desire for creativity within him. The multitude of forms, materials, images, and structures that appeared in his mind as a child found expression in drawing, painting, carving, and crafting. Later in life, this creative passion and talent also manifested in his daily work, initially in an auto repair shop. Before long, he embarked on a direct path to establish his own workshop. Here, he used a wide variety of discarded metal scraps, which had previously ended up as waste, to create special, eye-catching, and astonishingly lifelike works of art. Almost instinctively and guided by inner energies, he created a truly "green" recycling program that could serve as an example, educate, and entertain people worldwide. With the "iCons of the Movie History" exhibition project, he reached a new level in terms of dimensions, shapes, and the creative diversity of his ingenious execution.

The clear goal of this project and exhibition is not only to entertain and offer a diverse range of experiences but also to showcase to the world what the creativity of artistic freedom can achieve in making the world a better place and promoting environmental protection and recycling.

The revolutionary and diverse use of materials that emerged in the artist's mind, along with the breathtaking attention to detail in each handcrafted component of his works, offers a unique visual and emotional experience to movie enthusiasts, lovers of modern art, or anyone simply seeking entertainment and memorable experiences, regardless of age or location.

"I hold the creation in my hand."

"For me, the essence of art is permanence! True immortality is not the eternity of my physical existence; I will continue to live on in my creations, in my sculptures, creating lasting memories and effects, hopefully in many corners of the world." – Zoltán Rónaszéki

"It was a truly fateful, romantic, life-written story, our encounter with Zoltán. In life, there are defining, life-altering moments, hours, and days, where and when paths, destinies, and even worlds, are decided. Ours was one of those! In the midst of the wild, windswept hills and forests, on a farm, there is a Hungarian Genius—a marvel of human talent, persistence, intellect, and hands! The result of this marvel is a collection of extraordinary creations that cannot be described, difficult to show in pictures; you must see it face to face, up close, be astonished, and experience every tiny detail." - László Erdős, Producer

The mission


This is a moving exhibition


Athen, Greece



Hellenic Cosmos Culture Center

254 Pireos street

177 78 Tavros

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